Repository of evidence and legal texts related to the Bankia case obtained by 15MpaRato


For free use of scammed customers, journalists and citizens.

A large majority of the population has been sharing for years the same diagnosis: justice either does not work or could work much better than it does. 15MpaRato is an experience that, among other things, aims to accurately diagnose through experience and action where exactly is justice not working and where it should be reformed.

Many of us come from the fight for free culture and have been stunned witnesses of both the difficulty in accessing texts and legal documents and the private business for large companies generated by this shortage caused by an administration of justice which is closed in and outdated. If there is not free access to the public domain (and therefore to any legal document) there is no access to justice or democracy.

Much of the evidence and reports we have obtained, thanks to the cooperation of citizens, have helped in our fight against impunity in criminal proceedings and have served (and are serving) thousands of preferred shareholders and defrauded Bankia share holders to recover their savings through civil proceedings.

This is why we are publishing this repository where, in addition to useful evidence for those scammed, we offer a number of key documents in the Bankia case in order to make them available for any citizen who wants to learn or inform others, or any journalist who wants to help informing.

This repository will be updated and completed for the use of defrauded Bankia customers, journalists and citizens in general.


15MpaRato’s basic legal texts (most documents are in Spanish)

Preferred Shares evidence

Evidence related to Bankia’s IPO

Bankia’s bail-out

The memorandum aims to reduce the welfare state and to extract money from citizens (VAT increases, cuts in wages, cuts in unemployment benefits, cuts in public services…) in exchange for paying the debt that Bankia owed to major investors, including international investors.

Public prosecutor against extension and legal actions

The FROB (accusation) and the Public Prosecutor (representing the public interest) manoeuvring from the very beginning the save Bankia’s impunity

Articles and papers

Find more:

Repositorio de pruebas del caso Bankia

Repository of evidences related to the Bankia case


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