15MpaRato: Citizens Against Corruption

A communication guerrilla device planned to pursue those politically and economically responsible for the crisis, acting against the impunity of the Spanish elites.
An ethical and strategic goal was chosen: the former Spanish First Deputy Prime Minister and former managing director of the IMF – Rodrigo Rato – and his accomplices.
It collects and shares information that any citizen may have on Bankia and Rato, providing key evidence for the lawsuit. It is getting closer & closer to the objective for which it was created: to rescue the citizens with the money they stole from us.


These Spanish Activists Have Taken Punishing Bankers Into Their Own Hands

Dossier. The story of 15MpaRato. 3 years of a citizen lawsuit: 15MpaRato, Citizens Against Corruption

Citizens against corruption: the story of a citizen lawsuit

Repository of evidence and legal texts in relation to the Bankia case

Three years of 15MpaRato: meeting with the press and citizens within the 4th anniversary of the 15M movement

New lines of action: A bail for Rato

The Final Offensive:  SUE BANKIA, the most profitable financial product on the market

How the “Black cards” scandal came to light: the citizens did it

Video:15MpaRato’s fight against corruption, with Xnet and the X Party (with English captions)

Blesa, Rato, Barcoj won’t respond. 15MpaRato presents their strategy to find out the truth

Blesa’s emails admitted as evidence in the Preferred Shares’ scam lawsuit

The missing piece. Where did the preferred shareholders’ money go? Here is the evidence

Thanks to “15MPaRato”, key evidence is found against Rodrigo Rato & the “Bankia’s 33”

Rato and the preferred shares: The story of a legal (and perfect?) fraud

#RatoFunding The Legal Campaign

#15MpaRato. The message is clear! Impunity is over

A message for the 12M15M from the Internet “barrio”

These are some important actions and infos about 15MpaRato, but there is much more.
Translating into English takes time, please be patient ;)

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