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Three years of 15MpaRato: meeting with the press and citizens within the 4th anniversary of the 15M movement

Castellano We believe that the 15M/Indignados Spanish social movement was an encounter of civil society which overflowed traditional actors and parties, showing that we knew that if we want something to change, we have to do it ourselves and and with our own means. We believe that four years later, the 15M is what we … Sigue leyendo

Next actions: We managed to make Rodrigo Rato fall, now we are targeting his accomplices

Tweet Versión en castellano Press conference #CómplicesPaRato: Those responsible are falling. Now we are targeting his accomplices. Press conference video (Spanish) here 15MpaRato, the citizen group that in May 2012 launched the lawsuit against Rodrigo Rato and those responsible for the crisis, will continue working on the following two lines of action: 1 – Rato DID NOT … Sigue leyendo

New lines of action with a new legal team: Today we demand #FianzaPaRato (bail for Rato)

Castellano Index: Only 15MpaRato could demand a bail More of those affected can benefit from what is happening (downloadable form to participate) The head of the Spanish Treasury Office is an accomplice #MasCorreosdeBlesa (more emails from Blesa) Tweet 15MpaRato: the first and only ones to ask for a bail. Since the announcement and presentation of our lawsuit … Sigue leyendo

Final Offensive: SUE BANKIA, the most profitable financial product on the market

Castellano 15MpaRato’s five-year calendar plan has so far been quite impressively fulfilled. We said we would rescue ourselves with the money of those who caused the crisis, and that is exactly what we are going to do: Dossier with information about the struggle against corruption of 15MpaRato, Xnet and the X Party’s Anti-corruption commission. – The lawyer Dídac … Sigue leyendo

Citizens against corruption: the story of a citizen lawsuit

Twittear Castellano Index A citizen lawsuit against corruption The keys to the lawsuit Why the CNMV report is important Bankia was a scam and they knew it Blesa’s emails The Black cards The Citizens’ right to know the historical facts The importance of relevant information provided by citizens Rato won’t fall alone Who we are A … Sigue leyendo

Blesa, Rato, Barcoj won’t respond. 15MpaRato presents their strategy so that the rest tell all

Castellano As suspects under investigation, Miguel Blesa, Rodrigo Rato and Ildefonso Sánchez Barcoj are not under oath and therefore not legally obliged to tell the truth when defending themselves during today’s court proceedings. That is why 15MpaRato has formally requested to the Judge that Estanislao Rodríguez Ponga (PP – Popular Party), Moral Santín (IU – … Sigue leyendo

How the “Black cards” scandal came to light: the citizens did it

Castellano   Twittear New update (27/2/2015) Judge Andreu sets a total of 4.3 million euros in bails for 21 directors of Caja Madrid who had been users of the Black cards we uncovered from civil society. The Bankia case continues to accelerate thanks to the work of civil society. Update (26/2/2015) It’s been worth it: The judge calls charges on ALL directors we discovered … Sigue leyendo

Blesa’s emails admitted as evidence in the Preferred Shares’ scam lawsuit

Castellano After sitting Rato and the 33 former board members of Bankia in the dock accused of fraud in relation to Bankia’s stock market flotation, some months ago we succeeded in opening a separate proceeding to investigate the preferred shares scam during which Blesa, who had until then managed to evade justice, fell into our … Sigue leyendo

The missing piece. Where did the preferred shareholders’ money go? Here is the evidence

Castellano On Friday, 15MpaRato delivered the final pieces of evidence that definitely prove the massive scam of the preferred shares. We gave in the missing piece: where the preferred shareholders’ money went and what it was used for. Here are the documents that prove it. In March 2013, we obtained, presented and published the evidence … Sigue leyendo

Thanks to 15MPaRato, key evidence is found against Rodrigo Rato & the “33 of Bankia”

Castellano We knew it, they knew it: it is a scam. And now evidence proves it. A secret report of the Spanish National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) has just been leaked about the trading practices of participating preferred stock and subordinated debt of Caja Madrid, Bancaja and, subsequently, Bankia. More information: Eldiario.es | Facua.org | Expansión.com. … Sigue leyendo

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