Three years of 15MpaRato: meeting with the press and citizens within the 4th anniversary of the 15M movement


We believe that the 15M/Indignados Spanish social movement was an encounter of civil society which overflowed traditional actors and parties, showing that we knew that if we want something to change, we have to do it ourselves and and with our own means.

We believe that four years later, the 15M is what we keep doing since then.

Aniversario 15M y 15MpaRato

On 15M’s anniversary, we are one of the examples of how its spirit lives on within the people who met at that time. 15M no longer inhabits the squares; it has produced numerous devices in which organised civil society groups work on diverse issues, independently from political parties. This shows the extraordinary relevance of networks outside the electoral logic, within a year deeply marked by elections.

Video of the press conference (Spanish): http://bambuser.com/v/5504229

Rueda de prensa en directo por el aniversario de 15MpaRato y el del 15M

Press Conference for 15MpaRato & 15M’s anniversary

We believe that a society that has lived through 15M’s transformative experience cannot return to the previous old logic. We cannot and do not want to go back to when parties captured the entire political space, removing the role of a civil society which is far more competent than any of them in many domains. The political space created by the 15M can only be a space of cooperation between equals; between citizen collectives and electoral devices.

15MpaRato is one of the citizen spaces that emerged from the 15M.

Nelson Mandela said “Everything seems impossible until you do it”. This is how our work began exactly three years ago.
As we announced: catching Rato – banker > Minister > IMF president > banker – symbol of the revolving doors in our country – we would grasp all, one by one. Fear has changed sides. Today we have more than 100 bankers and politicians on trail.

And this has not been achieved by Rajoy’s government; it has been civil society organising through 15MpaRato, the X Party’s Anti-corruption commission and all citizens who have used these tools to provide knowledge, information and action.

Us citizens, have been the ones that have uncovered Blesa’s emails, which led to the Black cards scandal. As civil society, we have provided the evidence that has demonstrated the preferred shares scam and have won thousands of civil lawsuits, returning their money to those defrauded.

As we have said on other occasions, 15MpaRato is not a personal matter against Rato. 15MpaRato works on everything Bankia means in terms of poverty and humiliation for the entire population as well as it being one of the elite’s biggest impunity examples. It is also a meeting place to organise and win.
In the press conference, we announced two working projects with other groups of organised citizens:

# Rato’s accomplices plan to sell Bankia off after bailing-out the bank with our money

As we have been denouncing, Bankia’s current management board and Rato’s old accomplices in the institutions now seek to use him as a scapegoat to save themselves. They are actually continuing with their plan, escaping forward; what began with Blesa and continued with Rato, which basically consists in covering one scam with another.
After injecting tens of billions from the citizens to fill the hole they made during years of embezzlement (leaving Bankia bone) their goal now is to disguise the bank leaving it minimally presentable for selling to the first major international investor that bids on it.

Further information via the Citizen Debt Audit Platform (PACD):
The debt Bankia is leaving us with http://auditoriaciudadana.net/2015/05/11/la-deuda-que-nos-deja-bankia/
Did you know the government has started to privatize Bankia? http://auditoriaciudadana.net/2015/04/25/sabias-que-el-gobierno-ha-empezado-a-privatizar-bankia/

# Employees and former employees of Bankia: the real situation of the entity versus the managing board’s propaganda

It is being loudly announced that Bankia’s situation is better than ever. But thanks to organised workers in CGT Bankia and #BankiaIncumpleERE, who denounce the largest ERE (collective dismissal of employees) in the banking sector, layoffs, offices closing and worsening labour conditions; we know that the information presented internally is that things are worse than ever. Both citizens and Bankia’s workers need accurate information about the current status of the bank and, due to the impossibility of it coming from the current management board, we will work to bring it to light together.

Further information via the X-mailbox (Xnet’s citizen leaks channel against corruption):

# Support the struggle for the accumulation of claims by the associations of those defrauded

On the other hand, 15MpaRato is also a struggle to recover the defrauded money. Thanks to the work of cheated citizens who have organized in associations such as AdaBankia and Asuapedefin, we know that only a minority of those cheated (small savers) can sue individually. By cutting the real wages of judges and adding a salary supplement tied to productivity by number of rulings, the thrive of accumulated demands is prevented de facto, turning massive bank fraud into a profitable business. This allows Bankia to continue waging a war in the courts against those defrauded, taking advantage of the weaknesses in the system. We support -and ask our fellow citizens to support- ASUAPEDEFIN and ADABANKIA’s citizen initiative, so the CGPJ immediately corrects this unlawful situation for those defrauded and puts and end to the defrauders’ impunity. If this is not done, Bankia would be let off with more than half of the amount defrauded to small investors.

Link to their lawsuits’ documents:

Haz clic para acceder a adabankia.pdf

Haz clic para acceder a adabankia2.pdf

Haz clic para acceder a bankia-informes-fiscal.pdf

Further informations via AdaBankia and Asuapedefin:

Haz clic para acceder a 15mparato-adabankia-asuapedefin.pdf

Those in power are ready to fight to the end, as we have well seen:

– Putting pressure on justice, to the point of succeeding to lower the bail from 800 to 34 million Euros.
– They are willing to publish Bankia’s “clean” accounts, but no one believes them, even though they have been prettied-up by an unprecedented advertising campaign.
– They are willing to continue crushing families who are victims of their mortgage fraud, as the PAH (housing movement) is constantly denouncing.
They are ready for whatever.

Only organised citizens can stop them.

Legal Repository

Many of us come from the fight for free culture and have been stunned witnesses of both the difficulty in accessing texts and legal documents and the private business for large companies generated by this shortage caused by an administration of justice which is closed in and outdated.

Much of the evidence and reports we have obtained, thanks to the cooperation of citizens, have helped in our fight against impunity in criminal proceedings and have served (and are serving) thousands of preferred share holders and defrauded Bankia share holders to recover their savings through civil proceedings.

This is why we are publishing a legal repository where we offer a number of key documents in the Bankia case.


Almost three years ago we launched the first political crowdfunding in history. It is now a widely used tool, but we were pioneers and the first to apply a structure of Clear Accounts with budgets, invoices and receipts.

We said that those responsible of this crisis have names and surnames, and that we were going to go after them one by one, starting with Rato.

In less than 24 hours we received the necessary contributions that helped us to enormously advance in the Bankia case we launched, uncovering their corruption plots and recovering the money of tens of thousands of defrauded people. All this in three years of hard work and with only 18,359 euros.

For this new stage of the project we again asked for everyone’s efforts to continue working and explain how Rato did not act alone. He will not fall alone, we will achieve this.

2nd 15MpaRato Crowdfunding campaign http://15mparato.crowdfunding.xnet-x.net/


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