Next actions: We managed to make Rodrigo Rato fall, now we are targeting his accomplices

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Press conference #CómplicesPaRato: Those responsible are falling. Now we are targeting his accomplices.

Rueda de Prensa 15MpaRato y Col·lectiu Ronda

15MpaRato & Col·lectiu Ronda Press Conference

Press conference video (Spanish) here

15MpaRato, the citizen group that in May 2012 launched the lawsuit against Rodrigo Rato and those responsible for the crisis, will continue working on the following two lines of action:

1 – Rato DID NOT act alone. We are now targeting his accomplices, starting with the National Tax Office.

After requiring Deloitte’s imputation, we have now asked the judge for further measures of inquiry because of serious omissions by the National Tax Office. What are they hiding? The judge requested the “investigation records on Bankia and any action taken regarding the bank” to check whether the Tax Office’s managing board allowed the Black Credit Card scandal to go unseen. The Tax Office sent the information required incomplete and in a seriously anomalous manner.

To shed light on this matter, we required several key tax inspectors – responsible of these tax proceedings – to be called as witnesses.

Solicitud de diligencias de pruebas debido a graves omisiones por parte de la Agencia Tributaria

Request for measures of inquiry due to Tax Office’s serious omissions

2 – Let’s finish what we started: as we required from the beginning, we have again asked the judge for for Rato’s  imprisonment #CarcelPaRato.

Prisión provisional comunicada y sin fianza del imputado Rodrigo Rato

Pre-trial detention without bail for Rodrigo Rato

The impunity of Rodrigo Rato is over, as announced three years ago. The mountain we have eroded, now suddenly collapses under the weight of the evidence we have provided over these years.

It is now confirmed that the contradictions in Rato’s interrogation the third he was called to court after the uncovering the Black Cards, put the Tax Office on his trail. The historical Bankia bail of 800 million Euros (for the crime of falsification of commercial documents, only in our lawsuit) made him nervous enough to lead him to make many mistakes when hiding undeclared offshore funds he had accumulated over the years.

Thus, his former accomplices have had to give up on him as lost and stop protecting him. Before the impunity crack we opened three years ago shakes all their power, they have decided to sacrifice him.

Rato’s fall is a collective victory of organised citizens we must celebrate. It was never a personal goal but a strategic objective for us. It is not the end of something, but it changes everything.

To carry out this scam they first called the “Spanish economic miracle” and then “crisis”, the participation of several accomplices of those responsible was required, as we have denounced on numerous occasions. The same accomplices who now seek salvation while sacrificing Rato.

It’s no secret that both de Guindos and Montoro, who now seek to present themselves as the executioners of Rato, were for years his subordinates and accomplices.

Meanwhile, we are pulling on another thread: it is less known that the director of the Tax Office – Beatriz Viana – halted the investigation on what executives and former state officials had benefited from the tax amnesty. She was an employee and chief of Rato’s cabinet and is now “retired” at the CNMV (National Stock Exchange Commission).

In fact, Rato’s main defence in the lawsuit we filed after uncovering the Black Cards is precisely that the Tax Office was aware of everything. “If I fall you will all fall with me” is not the only threat Rato has voiced that has moved his former accomplices, who control these institutions, to let him fall.

It should be in the interest of the Tax Office to clarify whether there was collusion between its managing board, which Rato controlled for years, and the Black Cards’ scandal. But we see clear evidence that this is not so.

But citizens are not passive spectators of this plot. Thanks to organised citizens in the X Party Anti-Corruption Commission (sending to press Blesa’s emails) and the work of 15MpaRato (sending the Black Cards’ scandal to justice), we found evidence in the emails of the collusion between the Tax Office’s managing board and that of Blesa and Rato’s Bankia.

Engracia era la Consejera de Hacienda de la Comunidad de Madrid. Las noticias que

Engracia was Madrid’s Treasury Councillor. The news that “appears in the press” refers to the first publications on the Gurtel plot at the time.

Cipriano Muñoz fue el inspector de Hacienda designado por la cúpula de Hacienda para fiscalizar Caja Madrid. Durante años, las Tarjetas Black fueron contabilizadas bajo otro concepto por Hacienda por lo que resultaban indetectables.

Cipriano Muñoz was a Tax Office inspector appointed by the Tax Office’s managing board to oversee Caja Madrid. For years, the Black Cards were recorded by the Tax Office under another concept, making them untraceable.

Three years after launching 15MpaRato, announcing that Rato was only the first one on the list, heads of those responsible are falling. We are now targeting the accomplices that are still appointed in public institutions. Those we have clearly identified in these three years of work:

  • The governments of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and Mariano Rajoy, through their Finance Ministers (Elena Salgado and Luis de Guindos), made bankrupt Bankia’s flotation a State matter, swindling savers and SMEs.
  • MAFO and Linde’s Bank of Spain, an institution that should be supervisor of banks’ solvency and law enforcement and that has been controlled by the governments in power and their friends’ interests.
  • The CNMV, responsible for monitoring and reporting banks’ bad practices, as the preferred shares case. This institution has become a revolving door for bankers.
  • Other accomplices which did not exist at the time have joined, as the FROB (Fund for orderly bank restructuring). They have been puppets in this ongoing, but unsustainable, scam. Not to forget Bankia’s current managing board which continues to hide old scams with new ones to be eventually able to cheaply sell Bankia to any big international speculator when we finish fixing it with public money.

We’ve finally achieved to make Rato fall. Now we are targeting his accomplices: #ComplicesPaRato

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