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Final Offensive: SUE BANKIA, the most profitable financial product on the market


15MpaRato’s five-year calendar plan has so far been quite impressively fulfilled.

We said we would rescue ourselves with the money of those who caused the crisis, and that is exactly what we are going to do:

Dossier with information about the struggle against corruption of 15MpaRato, Xnet and the X Party’s Anti-corruption commission.


– The lawyer Dídac Coll wins the first civil sentence that recovers the money of the scammed people who bought preferred shares (June 2014).

– 15MpaRato creates with Dídac Coll a legal team to deal with all the demands. A legal team to deal specifically with the historical bail ordered from Blesa & Rato; to avoid it staying in Bankia’s hands and so be used to recover the money of all those affected by the scam. After Dídac Coll’s wining sentence, this is definitely possible.

– We call upon all the shareholders defrauded by Bankia to sue massively through the civil courts. It is the most profitable financial product on the market at this time: recover initial investment plus 4% interest!

– What has been achieved in the civil court helps us in the criminal process for it demonstrates willingness and the sentence ratifies it.

There is one thing we must be clear about and that is… it’s worth fighting.


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