Blesa, Rato, Barcoj won’t respond. 15MpaRato presents their strategy so that the rest tell all


As suspects under investigation, Miguel Blesa, Rodrigo Rato and Ildefonso Sánchez Barcoj are not under oath and therefore not legally obliged to tell the truth when defending themselves during today’s court proceedings. That is why 15MpaRato has formally requested to the Judge that Estanislao Rodríguez Ponga (PP – Popular Party), Moral Santín (IU – United Left), Antonio Romero Lázaro (PSOE – Socialist Party) and 5 others implicated in the ‘black’ credit cards case be called to testify, but this time as witnesses and therefore under oath. If they lie, they will be committing a crime, which would further complicate their situation.

This is how we want to break the wall of silence and bring them all down.

As can be seen in the attached doc., after careful selection we have called for the following to testify:

– Estanislao Rodriguez Ponga (PP – Popular Party, €255,400 on ‘black’ credit cards)
– José Antonio Moral Santin (IU – United Left, €456,000 on ‘black’ credit cards)
– Antonio Romero Lázaro (PSOE – Socialists, €252,000 on ‘black’ credit cards)
– Pedro Bedia Perez (CC.OO trade union, €78,200 on ‘black’ credit cards)
– Francisco Baquero (Communication Secretary, Comfia-CC.OO trade union, €266,400 on ‘black’ credit cards)
– José Ricardo Martinez Castro (Secretary General of UGT Madrid trade union, €44,200 on ‘black’ credit cards)
– Guillermo Marcos Guerrero (President of the employers association Empresarios del Comercio e Industria del Metal de Madrid and vice-president of the CEIM, member of the elected board of Real Madrid, €133,600 on ‘black’ credit cards)
– Enrique de la Torre Martínez (Blesa’s right hand man, €320,000 on ‘black’ credit cards)

Why not call all the suspects? Because that would slow the case down considerably, and that is what they want.

And we have some interesting questions that they will have to answer:

Going beyond how much each one spent and on what, why were certain people rewarded unjustifiably? From people carrying out duties of external control with salaries limited by law, to those who did not have any role in the institution or who had completed their term. What were these people who received the cards being paid for?
It is quite clear that they were being paid to either directly approve agreements which were detrimental to the bank or to turn a blind eye to it when it happened.
Can services, favours or actions paid illegally with these cards be considered lawful?

15mparato Testigos Tarjetas Negras

Only organised citizens are achieving results and developments in this case:
This accusation is the third 15MpaRato achieves for Rodrigo Rato and the second for Barcoj and Blesa, in our lawsuit presented to the National High Court.
This action is only possible thanks to organised and vigilant citizens. The fight for the truth is not being led by UPYD nor any other party. Don’t forget that the ‘black’ cards scandal came to light through the Anti-corruption commission of the X Party who released the #CorreosdeBlesa (Blesa’s emails) from an anonymous source.

Over two years ago, when members of the political elite spoke of Rodrigo Rato as the “architect of the Spanish economic miracle” and a “great executive” who was a “victim” of Bankia’s collapse, we announced that impunity was over, that Rato was just the first of many and that all those responsible for the crisis had a name, and that the time had come for them to pay. Throughout two years of work we presented all kinds of evidence and statements: firstly about Bankia’s stock market flotation, then about the preferred shares scam and now on how everything links together with the unions and the whole party system.

As we predicted, Rato is finished off and in his downfall he will drag with him his accomplices from the political and banking elites; those who tried to sacrifice him, too late, in order to save themselves. The best is yet to come. We’re not finished yet.



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