How the “Black cards” scandal came to light: the citizens did it



New update (27/2/2015)

Judge Andreu sets a total of 4.3 million euros in bails for 21 directors of Caja Madrid who had been users of the Black cards we uncovered from civil society.

The Bankia case continues to accelerate thanks to the work of civil society.

Update (26/2/2015)

It’s been worth it: The judge calls charges on ALL directors we discovered as #TarjetasBlack users.
#LaCiudadaníaLoHizo – Citizens did it!

The black cards have come to light only and exclusively thanks to the action of organised citizen groups.

This is the real story:

1 – On one side we have Blesa’s emails, which were tried to be hidden from the public opinion.

2 – On the other hand, we have organised citizens in our lawsuit; 15MpaRato’s lawsuit against Rodrigo Rato and those responsible for the collapse of Caja Madrid-Bankia.

3 – Finally we have the X Party’s Citizen Anti-corruption Commission and what we now call BuzónX, created to securely link citizens with evidence of corruption to journalists and legal experts.

It’s precisely little time after this citizen commission is formed that it receives an anonymous email reading:

“(…) I have a big and very important volume of information that I bet draws a clear picture of the institutional corruption in Spain (…)”

Tarjetas Negras Caja Madrid

Here the action begins:

  • The X Party’s Citizen Anti-corruption Commission quickly put this source in contact with elDiario.es journalists and later with El Mundo. In the meantime and in parallel, InfoLibre also works in-depth on the emails provided by the source.  This is how the public begins to know the contents of Blesa’s emails and the information they revealed about corruption in the highest echelons of power and how we have had to bailout Bankia because Caja Madrid spent the money on favours and bribes.
  • Furthermore, as soon as we know about the contents, we ask the judge to admit them as evidence, twice. At first the judge rejected them, but given the evidence, and thanks to the work of other affected civilians involved in the case (the Law Firm Jausas), he admits at last, and only partly, that Blesa’s emails are, as we were denouncing, an indispensable legal evidence of Bankia’s scam to society and specifically to the defrauded preferred shares holders.
  • What has happened now is that the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor has drafted a report which asks the judge of our lawsuit to investigate the existence of these cards as part of the Bankia scam.

But how could the Anti-corruption Public Prosecutor know of the existence of these black cards since the information about them was opaque and did not appear in Bankia’s accounts?  The same way as all other citizens. Through the single document which recognised the existence of these cards: the one published by the press.

Los correos de Blesa

Specifically; the first news that appears about the issue dates nine months back in “eldiario.es, thanks to an anonymous source who has been derived by collaborators of the X party’s Anti-corruption Commission”.

Now the Anti-corruption Public Prosecutor has had to finally give us reason.

This demonstrates that organised citizens can force institutions to act.

Without the action of civil society we would have never known about these facts.

We continue to work because there is much more to come.
None of this is due to opportunistic initiatives that only hinder the truth and citizen action.
Nobody will do it for us.

Having said this:

This scandal NOT ONLY reveals that they were buying individual allegiances; what they were buying were political parties, trade unions and, ultimately, the government and the opposition. While they staged their confrontation before the citizens, they were plotting together so that the PP (Popular Party, political party currently in power with absolute majority) and their friends looted Bankia in exchange for credits to political parties and trade unions.

Extract from TV channel La Sexta News

Extract from TV channel La 2 News

Extract from TV channel La Sexta, programme: #TarjetaEnNegro

Como salieron las tarjetas negras a la luz #LaCiudadaniaLoHizo



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