Blesa’s emails admitted as evidence in the Preferred Shares’ scam lawsuit


After sitting Rato and the 33 former board members of Bankia in the dock accused of fraud in relation to Bankia’s stock market flotation, some months ago we succeeded in opening a separate proceeding to investigate the preferred shares scam during which Blesa, who had until then managed to evade justice, fell into our clutches along with 14 other accomplices.

During this time we have managed, thanks to citizens’ collaboration, to pull together evidence of how, why and by whom the preferred shares scam was set up. This evidence is helping those affected to beat the banks and recover what was stolen from them.In recent months we have been working on being able to include Blesa’s emails as evidence in the court case investigating Bankia’s preferred shares scam.

These emails became public knowledge thanks to the X Party’s Anti-corruption Commission. However, the Anti-corruption Public Prosecutor (in the line of anti-corruption prosecutors in this country) objected to them being included in the process. Here you can see the Prosecutor’s report which includes our request.

Despite this, we have not stopped working on getting Blesa’s emails admitted as evidence in the process of the preferred shares scam, and today we can announce that we have succeeded thanks to the vigilance and skilfully directed demand of the law firm Buffet Jausas, who also participate in the lawsuit.

The case is advancing despite all the obstacles and none of this would have been possible without organised and vigilant citizens, ready to act.



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