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The missing piece. Where did the preferred shareholders’ money go? Here is the evidence

On Friday, 15MpaRato delivered the final pieces of evidence that definitely prove the massive scam of the preferred shares. We gave in the missing piece: where the preferred shareholders’ money went and what it was used for. Here are the documents that prove it.
In March 2013, we obtained, presented and published the evidence that proved that preferred shares were commercialised without an existing an internal market for them when completely aware of it.
In September, we obtained, presented and published evidence that proved that preferred shares were sold only to small savers and families. Not one single one was sold to a big investor.
In October, we obtained, presented and published evidence that proved how the scam was carried out, hiding information and tricking savers.
Now we complete the circle.
These documents have allowed us to take the preferred shares case to the Spanish National Court of Justice and they have also helped cheated individuals to win actions against their banks. When will justice be served in the National Court?

What do these cases have in common: Bankia’s flotation, the savings banks’ pillage, the exorbitant prices electricity companies charge, the housing bubble, the mortgage crisis, the preferred shares’ “corralito”, the Fórum Filatélico & Gescartera scams… and almost all injustices perpetrated against the majority of the Spanish population over recent years?

That’s right! Again and again, in every complicity plot between the political and the financial power, the same character is involved: Rodrigo Rato as President of Bankia, Rodrigo Rato as Minister of Economy, Rodrigo Rato as Vice-President of the Government, Rodrigo Rato as President of the International Monetary Fund…

That is why we chose him two years ago as our target: It is time for fear to change sides and for us to act strategically as citizens against the impunity of the political elite that led us to a crisis. In only six months, we managed to have him sit in the Spanish National Court, where he is on trial together with 32 accomplices, accused of scam for Bankia’s stock exchange flotation.

Since Justice is slow, we decided to act against the preferred shares scam in the meantime.

Throughout this year, we managed to prove:

What were the preferred shares?

After many questions, the answer finally arrived, from the Spanish National Stock Market Commission (CNMV) itself. The preferred shares were a scam, since there was no internal market and the business was based only on tricking an increasing amount of people. A group of fraudsters came up with the whole thing. The CNMV acknowledged this, while in theory this commission is in charge of making sure that such things do not happen. Even worse, they knew about this from the beginning and allowed the massive scam.

In the legal strategy of 15mPaRato with preferred shares case, nothing is a coincidence:


Who was cheated with the preferred shares?

This was another easy question and it was not hard for us to find an answer. Who were the preferred shares sold to? How many big companies and speculators had bought a product that, according to the law, cannot be sold to anyone without advanced financial knowledge? The answer is zero.
The documents that we obtained and published proved that this product had only been sold to families and small savers.

Thanks to the expert evidence requested by 15MpaRato, proof against Rodrigo Rato and Bankia’s 33 was found

15mPaRato files evidence that shows that preferred shares were only sold to families

The next question was: How was the scam carried out?

Once again, with the help of anonymous citizens, we managed to prove that it was carried out in the most vile and despicable way: hiding all information and tricking people.

“Do not show to customers”: 15MpaRato shows new evidence related to the preferred shares’ scam

All this research and evidence has allowed us (with difficulties and dodging traps) to open a new piece on the preferred shares’ scam in our trial against Rato and his accomplices, in parallel with Bankia’s flotation, and having Blesa Díaz Ferrán and 14 other friends sit in court. Moreover, any preferred shareholder has been able to use this documentation in their court case to recover hundreds of millions of stolen Euros.

There was only one missing piece, the one we are revealing today.

For what? Who did the preferred shares scam benefit? Where did the money go?

When the money from preferred shareholders and stock shareholders was captured, Bankia and Caja Madrid used it to pay big creditors, professional investors and finance sharks. They ruined thousands of people, whole families, just to pay their own debt.
Today we present the documents that prove this and much more, and we make these available to everyone so that they can be used against the fraudsters in trials for the preferred shares’ scam.
We have written a judicial text that is as simple as possible, so that people can read it and understand basic concepts; ordinary courts are accepting it but it seems the Public Prosecutor and financial authorities cannot understand it.

It was a scam, as low and vile as is imaginable. Those who are getting their money back are those who decided to fight. If one day the legal system finally reacts against this massive scam, they will still seek shelter in pardon and amnesty.

At this point, we are not afraid to say loud and clear that we are ruled by and for a mafia. Not a single person with power in this country has not been an accomplice. This will not end until we sweep those responsible for the crisis out of the institutions.

Finally, we ask everybody to remember this when it is time to vote in a few days, on May 25th. In spite of what we have achieved for the preferred shareholders and those tricked by Bankia, we know that the process needs to speed up, by increasing the political pressure and unblocking the current procedural slowness. This is why, for these European elections, we are supporting the X Party. Through their European MEPs, we can win in Europe the legal battles that we have started in Spain. With people like Hervé Falciani or Raúl Burillo we can be the perfect mechanism to achieve from Europe what they try to block here. We will do everything necessary until those who were scammed recover their money and the fraudsters pay for what they have done.

Here are the documents that prove what we claimed on Friday. We hope these are useful for preferred shareholders in their battles to recover what was stolen and have justice delivered.

You may distribute this. Here are the documents that prove what we explain:

For circulation and information of those interested

Documents 1 to 6


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