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Thanks to 15MPaRato, key evidence is found against Rodrigo Rato & the “33 of Bankia”


We knew it, they knew it: it is a scam. And now evidence proves it.

A secret report of the Spanish National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) has just been leaked about the trading practices of participating preferred stock and subordinated debt of Caja Madrid, Bancaja and, subsequently, Bankia.
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This report is part of the investigations related to the judicial process against Rodrigo Rato and 33 more people related to Bankia, but would not have been possible without the intervention of 15mPaRato.

It was this dispositive which, along with the lawsuit against Rato, introduced certain investigation procedures related with the issue and that had gone unnoticed for other plaintiffs.

Our investigation, accepted by the judge, has shown results.

The consequences? It is now close to demonstrated, in the words of the CNMV, that the involved banks “did not follow the Securities Market Law in a non-exceptional or isolated manner.”

Translate this euphemism for yourselves. All indicates that they practised delinquency continuously.
It also becomes clear that our initial thesis on this type of “financial products”, as we explained in this post (Why the preferred shares are a scam), was absolutely right.

The swaps and arbitrage promoted both by the Government and the first opposition party are merely safe-conducts necessary to perpetrate the fraud.

The non-intervention of the Ministry of Economy, or institutions such as the Bank of Spain (BdE) or the CNMV, all knowing what was going on, should involve a good number of resignations, or rather the resignation all the executives of the CNMV, the BdE and the Government itself. They are cooperating, if only by inaction, with a more than possible mass crime, with a scam of billions of euros against innocent defenceless savers.

The legal consequences of this report will come gradually. For now, the door opens to start processes not only through civil procedures, as was the case until now, but also through criminal ones. All entities that have sold similar products could also be affected.

As for us, we will continue looking for justice, in and out of court, because the crisis must be paid by those who have caused it, because every banker will have their 15M.



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